Son of the Nation

Huang Chuanhui

This was no ordinary flight when the J-15 fighter jet took off and landed on the Liaoning aircraft carrier’s flight deck, carrying with it the dream of a powerful national military by the Chinese people for nearly a century. Luo Yang, designer of China's new J-15 fi ghter, died at the age of 51 by…

China Publishing Group, Feb 2, 2019 | 60 Rights available

No Ghosts Need Apply

Camilla Del Grazia

This innovative new work highlights how the presence of Gothic elements in the Holmesian Canon problematizes the normative action of the detective. It examines the anxieties which accompanied the changing universe of Victorian and Edwardian society in the context of the development of criminal science. Recently the figure of Sherlock Holmes has been the object…

Edward Everett Root, Mar 9, 2019 | 63 Rights available

Perfidious Albion. The story of Stendhal and British culture.

David Ellis

"What to make of the British?" is a question that puzzled Stendhal throughout his whole life. In this new work, which is both a biography and an exercise in cultural history, David Ellis brings to bear on the issues it raises much new and unfamiliar information.

Edward Everett Root, Mar 9, 2019 | 63 Rights available

Hidden Years. The Man who Saved my Grandfather

Anna Goldenberg

In the autumn of 1942, Anna Goldenberg’s great-grandparents and their younger son were deported to Theresienstadt. Hansi, their elder son, survived in hiding: in the apartment of the paediatrician Josef Feldner, right in the middle of Vienna. And many knew he was there.

Hanser, Mar 5, 2019 | 62 Rights available

U2 - The Definitive Biography

John Jobling

U2: The Definitive Biography will be the first unauthorised biography of U2 to document and analyse their 35-year career objectively, going beyond the myth to present a fascinating warts-and-all portrait of the Irish rock band.

Andrew Lownie , Oct 26, 2018 | 0 Rights available

The Night Of The Forgotten

Iris Muhl

Close to Christmas, Salvation Army officer Nicole visits the women in the red-light district in the heart of a large town. In the past months, she continually offered her help to the women – without success. Until suddenly, this Christmas, something unexpected happens. Iris Muhl writes about all facets of life: loss, loneliness and longing,…

Brunnen, Mar 5, 2019 | 62 Rights available

Beryl McBurnie


This book portrays the woman, explores the influences that shaped McBurnie and those whom she influenced in turn, and tells of her struggle to realize a vision she nurtured for decades.

UWI Press, Mar 19, 2019 | 63 Rights available

Behind the Lawrence Legend

Philip Walker

The legend of “Lawrence of Arabia” has lodged in the hearts and minds of three generations. He has been eulogised and debunked, and millions of words have been written about this most enigmatic of characters and his achievements. Legend and fact have been expertly untangled, and arcane minutiae have been dissected and pored over. But…

Andrew Lownie , Nov 4, 2018 | 62 Rights available


Zhou Xuan

This book, one of the series “Chinese Entrepreneurs and Enterprises”, tells the story of WANG JIANLIN, CEO of DALIANWANDA. One of the best protagonists of China’s stories are those grassroot entrepreneurs who, since the reform and opening up, has started from scratch and achieved spectacular successes through their own endeavor. They has created internationally competitive…

China Publishing Group, Feb 4, 2019 | 60 Rights available

Ying Xiu: After the Earthquake

Guo Yanli

On May 12, 2008, at 2:28pm, the Wenchuan Earth- quake struck the area and caused unprecedented damage to the entire region by turning the town of Yingxiu into rubble. The city of Dongguan was destined to shape the history of Yingxiu. One town in the north-west mountainous areas of Sichuan, and another in the southern…

China Publishing Group, Feb 2, 2019 | 60 Rights available