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Digital-Bookfair is a free-of-charge service. Any agency or book publisher is invited to submit their current rights guide via a simple form. The company will extract the data and turn them into a dynamic library of translation rights so that acquisition editors can browse, discover and contact the vendor directly to request reading material.

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Digital-Bookfair is a micro-site owned and run by Rightsdesk AG, the premier online marketplace for translation rights in book publishing. All book data are stored and managed by Rightsdesk. Rightsdesk was founded in 2014 by German software developer Michael Schreckenberg and literary agent Sebastian Ritscher of Mohrbooks to offer a subscription based service to rights vendors in the book publishing industry.

Free of charge

The use of Digital-Bookfair is free of charge. It serves as an entry point to promote Rightsdesk which is a subscription based software as a service.


Dino Zanolli (Sales Manager): dino.zanolli@rightsdesk.com