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Knesebeck Verlag (February 2019)
192 pages, 206 colour illustrations (30 × 24 cm, hardcover with jacket, Retail price: 45 EUR)
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Photography & photographsPlaces & peoples: general & pictorial works

PumaLand In wild Patagonia

by Arndt, Ingo

# Unique insight into the life of the puma # No other project on such a comprehensive scale available # Large-scale article in National Geographic worldwide Spectacular volume of images from one of the world‘s best wildlife photographers

“I like to be on the way in the wilderness, to feel the elements, to sweat, to freeze, the frustration and the excitement when the wished-for picture is shot. There is nothing more beautiful to me.” Ingo Arndt

Over the course of several years, his latest project, PumaLand, took renowned photographer Ingo Arndt to Torres del Paine national park to document the life of the cougars in stunning images. He made a total of seven visits to South America, spending six months photographing pumas. On his gruelling and adventurous expeditions, he captured unique shots of pumas, observing previously unseen hunting and mating rituals and witnessing hitherto unknown behaviours. In PumaLand, he presents a breathtaking portrait of these lions of the Andes.

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