Every second is ours

by Ballerini, Luigi

A coming-of-age novel with a surprising finish. It tells the story of a single day and the story of a lifetime: final exams, summer vacation, love and true friendship, the kind that never leaves you on your own, all the way to the end. This is a story that winds its way into your heart and stays there. It reminds us of how much each single moment is really worth.

Giacomo is unsure of himself. He’s got zero self-confidence and doesn’t know what to do with his future. It’s the day of his high school final exams, and he wonders what’s going to happen next. The only certainties in his life are Fabione, Giacomo’s best friend, and Martina, a girl whose troubled past continues to torment her, and keeps her from letting herself go and loving Giacomo. There is one other sure thing: once exams are finished, Giacomo and Fabione are planning an adventure-filled vacation on the  beaches of Puglia. The adventure gets off to a bad start. Giacomo is plagued by a wicked headache, it feels like a high-speed train is racing through his skull; and Fabione breaks his ankle playing soccer just hours before they’re set to leave. But they’re not going to let anything stop them. They get in the car and take off for Gallipoli, with Giacomo at the wheel. They’re in for a thousand miles of adventure, freedom, sharing and secrets. It’s friendship, it’s life... and it could all come to an end very quickly. 

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