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Sonzogno (March 2011)
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by della Volta, Manuela Cattaneo

Scricciolina scans the horizon, ready to face her next challenge, ready to find her place in the world.

Birthday is a special day and every day in this novel is special. These are the days when Sericciolina stops and stares the world inside and outside her, from the eggshell she lives in. Scricciolina goes back to her childhood, adolescence and adulthood, looking at her own life from zero to 20 years. She lives whith her mother, so vague that sometimes she cooks too much, sometimes she doesn't cook at all; her father could be anywhere but with her. Scricciolinia lives her life, the only one she knows, and she can't even think of a different one. There is her dog Qui, sleeping at her feet, her friend Livido, who is always there at the right time. And there is Occhibuoni, who never forgets Scricciolinas birthday, which is always too short for her to discover reality, too short to push bad memories away, to forget a boy that doesn't love her, to make it up with her mother partner: in a word, to grow up. Scricciolina is pure but shifty, sometimes funny, and maybe she has the power to make us smile at her/our own weaknesses. Chapter after chapter the words "happy birthday", just like a mantra, get to mean something different for each of us.

Manuela Cattaneo della Volta was born in Milan but she currently lives in Venice. Before becoming a novelist she used to work as a journalist, for the TV and the cinerna. This is her first novel.

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