Mary Hollingsworth

A papal election is compelling theatre. It is a unique event, conducted with magnificent and arcane ceremonial in a format that has remained largely unchanged for centuries. The death of John Paul II in 2005 marked the start of a three-week media frenzy, with blanket coverage in the newspapers and on television, and armies of…

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Blood Rites

Jimmy Lee Shreeve

Blood Rites is a shocking expose of how ritual human sacrifice is practised today and terrifyingly close to home Lima, Peru, 2004. A decapitated baby boy is found on a hilltop. Investigators believe the killing was a ritual sacrifice meant to appease a pre-Columbian earth god, because the body was found on the hilltop surrounded…

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Desmond Seward

In the 1490s Girolamo Savonarola, a visionary friar, dominated Renaissance Florence, terrifying them by his uncannily accurate prophecies. Best remembered for his 'burning of the vanities' - the destruction of 'profance art' in public bonfires - Savonarola has often been caricatured as a hell-fire fanatic. Yet Victorian England saw him as an Italian Martin Luther,…

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The Dancing Sun: Journeys to the Miracle Shrines

Desmond Seward

Seeking reassurance for his waning belief, Seward resolved to visit the seven European shrines where the Virgin had materialised during the twentieth century, beginning with Medjugorje. He hated it on sight but, next morning, was overwhelmed by a powerful sense of peace. His journeys – and this extraordinary spiritual travel book – end at the…

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The Monks of War : The Military Religious Orders

Desmond Seward

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