Zhongshan Road

Huang Chuanhui

From a Western perspective, China remains a land of mystique. If we observe its development and affairs at face value in the paradigm of a Western reality, it is impossible to fathom the sheer pace of China’s industrialization. This book is an insight into not only the historical events that have shaped China, but into…

China Publishing Group, Feb 2, 2019 | 60 Rights available

Little Novice

Tenzin, undefined

Born in a Tibetan family and growing up in a Tibetan monastery, the author turns his early life experiences into a semi-autobiography and exposes readers to Tibet’s mysterious past half a century ago: Buddhist wisdom, local legendary stories, poems of troubadours ... Rich details based on real-life experiences create an illusion that these stories are…

China Publishing Group, Feb 4, 2019 | 62 Rights available