The first 100 days

Wolfgang Brenner

1949 was an exciting, weird and grotesque year. That was only partly due to the big events that were unfolding: the founding of the BRD and the DDR. Other things were happening too: the brutal actions of the Gladow band in Berlin, the first wrestling matches with women, the exposure of a Chinese drug smuggling…

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Migrant Workers and the City: Generation Now

Huang Chuanhui

China is changing. Today’s migrants from the countryside are a world apart from their fathers and grandfathers who made the same journeys to the metropolises in search of work twenty and thirty years before them. Better educated and connected by technology, they now expect more than a wage from the society they can currently only…

China Publishing Group, Feb 2, 2019 | 61 Rights available

Son of the Nation

Huang Chuanhui

This was no ordinary flight when the J-15 fighter jet took off and landed on the Liaoning aircraft carrier’s flight deck, carrying with it the dream of a powerful national military by the Chinese people for nearly a century. Luo Yang, designer of China's new J-15 fi ghter, died at the age of 51 by…

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Zhongshan Road

Huang Chuanhui

From a Western perspective, China remains a land of mystique. If we observe its development and affairs at face value in the paradigm of a Western reality, it is impossible to fathom the sheer pace of China’s industrialization. This book is an insight into not only the historical events that have shaped China, but into…

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New York to go

Thomas Joussen

» Discover the world’s most exciting city on personal tours with genuine New Yorkers » A portrait of a lived culture of hospitality and innumerable encounters with local people » Highly topical – a must for every fan of New York

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The History of Chinese Ceramics

Fang Lili

The History of Chinese Ceramics is in fact a trading history of Chinese ceramics, and a history of expansion and spreading of Chinese ceramic-making technology and ceramic culture. Therefore we can know that China was not an isolated country even in ancient times, and its exchanges and communications were far more frequent than we have…

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Martin Mordecai’s Free is a lyrical yet unflinching examination of the ruinous intimacies sustained by and sustaining plantation slavery. Set around Jamaica’s Christmas Rebellion of 1831–32 and framed around three characters who are free themselves, but hedged in by the oppressive protocols of slavery, Free is an extended meditation on violence, memory, community, love and…

UWI Press, Mar 19, 2019 | 63 Rights available

The Wild Soul of Italy

Stefan Rosenboom

» Discover Italy beyond mass tourism » Unique source of inspiration for hikes through an unspoiled nature

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Beguiled by the North

Bernd Römmelt

The endangered beauty along the arctic circle » The magnificent nature around the Arctic Circle in magic pictures and thrilling texts » After his bestselling book Polarlichter („Polar Lights“) a new masterpiece of star photographer Bernd Römmelt » A fascinating journey to the arctic regions of Scandinavia, Iceland, Canada, Alaska and Russia

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Legendary Alps

Bernd Römmelt

/// Living tradition in many as-yet unseen photographs and vivid descriptions /// The fascination of the Alps in unique and atmospheric pictures /// Broad target group: the Alps are one of the most popular travel destination worldwide

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